Kongsberg grows in Horten - and moves into new building

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KONGSBERG has decided to move to Horten Industrial Park (HIP) in 2025. A completely new building will be built here that can bring together the group's operations in the city, which is currently spread over six addresses.

Press release by Kongsberg.


«We are growing in Horten, and today we can rejoice that the board of KONGSBERG has chosen to invest further for the future here. A new sustainable building, at the water's edge and designed for our business is becoming a reality”, says Egil Haugsdal, President of Kongsberg Maritime, the business area that is the employer for 900 of the approximately 1150 KONGSBERG employees in Horten today.

The new building at HIP is currently only on the drawing board, and a lot of detail remains before the building is finished. Then 46,000 square meters will be ready for use. The actual relocation process is expected to take place in the second half of 2025.



It has been important for KONGSBERG to find a solution that allows the company to remain in Horten with the business they have here.

kongsberg nybygg-horten-2

Illustration by KMS Arkitekter/HIP


«We want an efficient and environmentally conscious building, both in terms of the office part and industrial production. Among other things, we need a carefully planned facility for the production of underwater robotics and hydro acoustics, so that we can meet the future demand for our world-leading products. In addition, we have a strong desire to remain in Horten because of the city's good technology expertise”, says Egil Haugsdal.

"We are very pleased with this investment. KONGSBERG is an engine for technology development in Horten municipality, and it will be very exciting to see the new signature building when it is completed. I am extra happy to see that the sketches so far show that the building will be adapted to the historic buildings that are already located in the Industrial Park”, says Karl Jørgen Tofte, business manager in Horten municipality.



The planned building will be a combined industrial and office building and will be owned by Horten Industrial Park. KONGSBERG enters into a long-term lease agreement with this company.

«We are well on our way to building a vibrant competence and industrial environment in Horten Industrial Park and are proud that KONGSBERG has chosen us as a partner. Now we will continue to work together to tailor and detail the premises to their needs”, says Odd Rune Nærsnes, general manager of HIP.

Of the six existing addresses of KONGSBERG in Horten, there are two facilities that the company owns itself, the rest are rented premises. The location on Bekkajordet is scheduled to be sold to HIP, while Strandpromenaden 50 will continue to be owned by Kongsberg Eiendom Holding.