A Safe Haven

The Vestfold and Telemark region aims to be a safe haven for green industry and innovative tech companies.

Why choose Vestfold & Telemark?

Industrial infrastructure
Norway's best industrial infrastructure, with access to renewable power and water.
Efficient ports
Efficient and modern ports that transport goods quickly and smoothly to Europe and the rest of the world.
Business Clusters
Business clusters with ambitious and leading companies, including the world's greenest process industry and innovative tech companies.
Compentent workforce
Universities and research environments and a competent workforce at all levels – from skilled workers to PhD engineers.
Quality of life
Good homes at pleasant prices, only a short train ride from Oslo, and a high quality of life make the region extra attractive.
A diverse region with a high density of international people and businesses, academic environments and schools.

Key Industries

Green Industry, Battery Tech and Data Centers are just a few of the industries that you will find in the Vestfold & Telemark region.
Green Industry
Battery Tech
Data Centres
Technology and Digitalization


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