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Norwegian data centre sites offer clean, affordable energy and excellent connectivity to European data hubs. The data centre ecosystem also includes a highly competent IT and technology sector backed by a government commitment to develop the industry, making Norway one of the most attractive locations for European data centres. In the Vestfold and Telemark region several data centers have already found it to be their ideal location, including Google who has bought a property in Skien.
100 per cent renewable energy

Data Centres require a lot of energy. In Norway, virtually all electricity – for industries, cities and homes — comes from clean, renewable hydropower. Hydropower is the ideal renewable energy source for data centres, as it can be stored and thus provides clean energy around the clock. Hydropower plants can have environmental impact of their own, but due to natural conditions Norwegian hydropower has a minimal ecological footprint – you can read more about that here.

Affordable energy prices

Not only is Norwegian hydropower emission-free; its abundance in Norway ensures that energy costs are kept down, too. The availability and affordability of energy made Norway an excellent host for traditional energy-intensive manufacturing industries – and now also for data centres.

Excellent connectivity to European “data highways”

High-speed submarine fibre cables provide direct connectivity between Norway and Europe as well as the US. This enables Norwegian data centres to operate at a latency of between 12 and 20 m/s round trip (RTD) to Europe’s most important connectivity hubs: Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris. Additional submarine cables are under construction, further improving connectivity between Norway and the UK as well as the European continent.

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Buddies & Helpers Within Data Centers

In Norway you will find strong and well established business clusters, and an array of companies that have chosen the Vestfold & Telemark region as location to grow their Data Center business. 

A neutral business association and the voice of the industry towards the market and public authorities.
Norwegian Data Center Industry
An independent member organization for companies within the digital tech sector.
ICT Norway
A cluster for technology and industry, based in Grenland, Norway. They work towards a climate-positive region by 2040.
Powered by Telemark
Contribute to sustainable growth and exports for Norwegian businesses through capital and expertise.
Innovation Norway
Site: Vestfold - 100 acres (40Ha) site, zoned for 1.300.000 square feet (120.000 m2) data center buildings.
Vestfold and Telemark County
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