Green Industry

Norwegian industry benefits from some of the cleanest and cheapest energy in Europe. Combined with a vibrant processing industry ecosystem and ambitious national strategies for circular and green production, Norway is a great place to build and develop low-carbon industries.
Green industry with 100% clean energy

With an abundance of clean and affordable hydropower, the Norwegian processing industry can keep both its costs and emissions down. This has allowed Norway to take a strong position within energy-intensive industries such as metal processing. Some of the main players in this sector is located in the Vestfold & Telemark region, at Herøya Industrial Park, to name one location.

Furthermore, a stable supply of renewable and affordable energy makes Norway an ideal place to produce energy-intensive sustainable technologies, such as EV batteries and hydrogen.

Home of world-class industry ecosystem

Norwegian industry is supported by a highly developed network of industry clusters, providing well-established platforms for sharing expertise, fostering connections and promoting industrial development and innovation. Powered by Telemark is a cluster in our region working towards the aim of making Grenland the world's first climate-positive industrial region. 

Furthermore, Norwegian industrial workers are known as being both skilled an highly efficient, due to a culture of professional development, trust and independence.

Sustainable opportunities with world-leading carbon capture

Norway’s carbon capture industry is growing rapidly, and the first project exploring new CCS-technology is found in our region - at Norcem in Porsgrunn. The advanced state of the Norwegian carbon capture ecosystem opens avenues for sustainable production across a range of industries.

For example, it has given Norway a head-start in developing emission-free hydrogen from natural gas. Other, innovative exciting carbon capture projects include emission-free production of PHA (plastics) and single cell protein, targeted towards the large aquaculture market in Norway.

Pioneering circular industries

The future of the industrial sector is circular; a production system where energy, resources and materials are kept in an infinite loop of use and reuse. In the Vestfold & Telemark region's industrial parks, you’ll find comprehensive programmes for recycling energy, bi-products and waste – often in innovative ways.

The progress towards a circular industry is supported by a robust cluster network, partnerships with leading research bodies, and well-developed funding opportunities.

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Buddies & Helpers Within Green Industry

In Vestfold & Telemark you will find strong and well established business clusters, and a vast array of companies that have chosen this region as location to grow their Green Industry business. 

A cluster for technology and industry, based in Grenland, Norway. They work towards a climate-positive region by 2040.
Powered by Telemark
An Arena cluster in the cluster program of Norwegian Innovation Clusters.
Norwegian Center of Circular Economy
An incubator that helps startups with their business ideas.
Performs contract research and delivers solutions and services that create value for customers.
SINTEF Industry
University of South-Eastern Norway, the fourth largest university in Norway.
Contribute to sustainable growth and exports for Norwegian businesses through capital and expertise.
Innovation Norway
Vestfold and Telemark County Council
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