Technology and Digitalization

With a well-developed digital infrastructure, a tech savvy population and a financial and public sector eager to invest in new technology and digital solutions, Norway is a natural location for developing digital solutions and new technology. In the Vestfold & Telemark region you will find a large number of companies researching the latest tecnology and developing new digital business models.
Robust electronics

The weather conditions in Norway can be though, especially those in the marine and off-shore sector. In our region we have companies working to improving and identifying recommended methods of manufacture for tough environments.

Clean offshore energy

The Norwegian offshore sector has throughout the past 50 years cemented itself as one of the most advanced and innovative in the world. Now, Norway capitalises on its vast expertise and network of offshore and maritime clusters has become an epicentre of sustainable “blue growth”. In our region you will find companies like Kongsberg Maritime spearheading the development in this sector.

Leaders in applied AI

Norwegian companies across a range of sectors have fully embraced the potential of AI. The Norwegian processing, offshore, and marine industries possesses extensive experience with researching and applying AI to improve operations. . The Norwegian aquaculture industry, for example, is paving the way for using AI to improve fish health, reduce pollution and increase harvests while minimizing the ecological footprint of AI.

This has given rise of the foremost ecosystems for applied AI, with clusters and research hubs all over the country devising AI solutions for everything from framing to ocean mapping drones.

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Buddies & Helpers Within Technology and Digitalization

In Norway you will find strong and well established business clusters, and an array of companies that have chosen the Vestfold & Telemark region as location to grow their Battery Tech business. 

An independent industrial association and expertise cluster that works within arena and network building.
Electronic Coast
The Norwegian business cluster for autonomous mobility and transport systems.
Sams Norway
An innovation company for startups, scaleups and established businesses.
An incubator that helps startups with their business ideas.
Contribute to sustainable growth and exports for Norwegian businesses through capital and expertise.
Innovation Norway
University of Southeast Norway
Vestfold & Telemark County
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