Showcasing the green industry in Telemark

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While in Norway to sign declarations on increased collaboration regarding renewable energy and green industry, the German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck made a visit to Vestfold & Telemark. Here he got to experience first hand two exciting green industry projects in the region: The CCS facility at Norcem and the production of green hydrogen at NEL. 

Norway and Germany are expanding cooperation to increase production of renewable energy and to develop green industry. The two countries have issued two joint declarations outlining the next steps in their cooperation in the areas of hydrogen, battery technology, offshore wind, and carbon capture and storage.

Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Aasland and Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre joined Robert Habeck on the tour.

“It is great to be able to showcase cutting edge industrial companies in Telemark. Norcem has a future oriented perspective on climate and the environment, and it’s a pleasure to introduce the German Vice-Chancellor to this. Carbon capture and storage is an integral part of the solution when the climate challenge is to be solved”, says Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Aasland.

Germany's Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck visits Norcem in Brevik 6. januar 2023 where the CCS facility is being built.. Foto: Arvid Samland / OED

Norcem, which is owned by Germany's Heidelberg Cement, is building a carbon capture facility at the cement factory in Brevik. The facility will capture around 400,000 tonnes of CO₂ a year. The carbon capture project in Brevik is part of the Longship project for full-scale CO₂ handling.

Norway and Germany agree to cooperate more closely to produce more renewable energy and create green industry. In two joint declarations signed last week, the two countries take the next step in cooperation in areas such as hydrogen, batteries, offshore wind and carbon capture and storage.

“Norway and Germany must work closely together to speed up the green transition, create new jobs and cut greenhouse gas emissions. We have entered into strategic partnerships which entail great opportunities for Norwegian business. I am proud of what our companies have demonstrated on this visit, and there is no doubt that the German delegation was both impressed and excited”, says Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre.

After the visit to Norcem, the vice-chancellor and the two ministers visited the hydrogen company NEL on Herøya.

“I am proud to present NEL. This is the world's largest, fully automated factory for the production of electrolysers. Hydrogen has significant potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from a number of sectors, if it is produced with no or low emissions. NEL shows that Norway, and Telemark, have competitive and competent environments that can contribute to hydrogen development”, says Aasland.

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Image credit: Arvid Samland / OED