Yara Porsgrunn has been offered network capacity for the Green Ammonia project

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The fertilizer producer Yara has been offered network capacity from Statnett to realize the Hegra project, which will require 4 TWh a year to produce green ammonia.

Press release by Yara


In a letter dated 28.2.2023, Statnett has informed Yara Porsgrunn that they have reserved the requested network capacity as necessary to realize the HEGRA project. HEGRA (Herøya Green Ammoniakk) will convert production at Yara's plant on Herøya from being fossil-based to using renewable power and electrolysis. In this way, Yara can produce green ammonia which, among other things, can be used in the production of complete fertilizer on Herøya.

"Being allocated sufficient grid capacity is an important milestone for the HEGRA project and for all of us at Herøya who want to cut emissions by 800,000 tonnes of CO2 per year from our production", says Ole Jacob Siljan, factory manager at Yara Porsgrunn. "Without sufficient network capacity, the project cannot be realised", he continues.

"With network capacity, Yara is one step closer to achieving its goal of removing one of Norway's largest point emissions by 2030. Now that we have reserved network capacity, we must find out what technical measures are needed to strengthen the network into Herøya, and other necessary measures . We will do this work in collaboration with Statnett, Lede, Herøya Nett and all other parties concerned. We will contribute to a licensing process where dialogue with our neighbours, elected representatives, organizations and other stakeholders will be very important to us", concludes Ole Jacob Siljan.

The capacity is reserved on conditions of disconnection or limitation of consumption.